Video - Vintage: the Opel Kapitän | drive it

Videa Opel Kapitan Vintage: the Opel Kapitän | drive it

Vintage: the Opel Kapitän | drive it

There is far more to some vintage cars than meets the eye.Markus Zippert is the proud owner of a 1951 Opel Kapitän. But beneath the staid black fenders and chrome is the heart of a much younger car. The engine, axles and drivetrain are from the Opel Senator, a car that made its debut nearly four decades later. And then there is a 1972 TVR 3000 M that's a real rocket sled. It weighs in at less than a ton and its turbo 360 horsepower engine rockets it from zero to 100 in a mere five seconds. The car originated from TVR Engineering in Blackpool, England, but was souped up in Germany. Join drive it! to see the latest in high-speed technology dressed up in time-honored designs.

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