Video - Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Event 6th June 2010

Videa Opel Movano Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Event 6th June 2010

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Event 6th June 2010

The 2010 Art Car Boot Fair is gearing up to be the art world's summer playground with lots of artful dodging and weaving, bartering and frivolity than ever before and serious art bargains to boot! New! This year! A Wrestling Ring centrepiece featuring bouts of old school wrestling interspersed with some arty in-fighting and inbetween-bout secret auction thrills as this year's crowds snap up Lucha Libre inspired original artworks from the UK's most famous artists, the freshest talents and the coolest trend setters. Plus we're upping the stakes with lots of artful games and gaming. Over sixty exciting pitches with regular booters Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Bob & Roberta Smith and Pam Hogg joined by Martin Creed & his band, Billy Childish, Pete Fowler, Oliver Guy Watkins, Ian Dawson and Jessica Albarn, for this year's fresh and feisty take on what is already gearing up to be the hottest day of the year! Plus! Myriad entertainments from Gabby Young, Revere, Marawa, and the ultimate fun generators The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club! Cool cocktails from The East Room, and epicurean delights from The Bath Pig, La Grotta home made ices, Mrs Marengo's art cakes and St. John Bread & Wine!

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