Video - Turbo Buick powered Opel GT startup and walkaround

Videa Opel GT Turbo Buick powered Opel GT startup and walkaround

Turbo Buick powered Opel GT startup and walkaround

My dad has owned this car for about 25 years, and it has been off the road for almost 10. This is the most recent version of the project, and by far the most refined. Will probably be ready for the road in about a month's time. Some of the features of this project: Buick Grand National v6, factory turbocharger Home built throttle body, fuel rails Home built exhaust system from exhaust ports to tip with tiny Dynomax bullet 3" racing muffler Water to air intercooler system with the major parts sourced from my old '89 Dodge shadow turbo project 100% scratch-designed and built engine management system with analog circuitry 200-4r 4-speed automatic transmission, modified Hurst ratchet shifter Narrowed Dana-44 limited slip rear end, 3.54 ratio and home built 3-link rear suspension. Factory Dodge truck rear drums, front brake discs & calipers sourced from early 2000s Honda CR-V Too many subtle body modifications to list. Pushing between 15 and 18 lbs of boost, never yet dyno tested or taken down a drag strip. (hopefully that will change one day, it was stupidly fast last time it was on the ground!)



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