Video - TIME OUT IN TRINIDAD - 1950s - Pt. 23 - Farewell to Trinidad

Videa Opel Kapitan TIME OUT IN TRINIDAD - 1950s - Pt. 23 - Farewell to Trinidad

TIME OUT IN TRINIDAD - 1950s - Pt. 23 - Farewell to Trinidad

All footage contributed by Sooty1312. This video is not to be copied without the consent of the operator of this channel. Sadly, this brings to an end the Time Out in Trinidad series. There will still be a few more videos coming as I cull the three hours of files to find anything I've missed. Also stay tuned for more exciting films as the Camito sails from Port of Spain, through the British West Indies, to Britain. One cannot adequately describe the Expatriate in the Colonies. They were a migrant group of people from Britain who fanned out across the British Empire to engage in and contribute to her prosperity. Trinidad provided a wonderful life for these families with housing, medical services, provisioning and in some cases, vehicles provided by the companies that hired them. For most, as surely as they arrived, they would eventually leave. Some stayed for many, many years. Some even took up permanent residence. Most, however, returned home at the completion of their contracts. Remember that these families had built a life for themselves in the colony and many grew very fond of that lovely island called Trinidad. Parting was sweet sorrow for them. More so, their departure also brought sadness, and in some cases, unemployment for the household staff these families hired. In many cases, the servants and yardboys grew very attached to their employers and their departure brought an uncertain future for them. In this film you can see a somewhat lost servant standing as this ...

Port of Spain, T&TEC, Harbour, pipes, railway crane, TGR flatcars, Camito, Banana Boat, Volkswagen van, Riley, Jaguar, Opel Kapitan, First Boca



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