Video - Thundersaloons Race at Castle Combe 1990

Videa Opel Senator Thundersaloons Race at Castle Combe 1990

Thundersaloons Race at Castle Combe 1990

A superb lead battle between the awesome Pontiac V8 powered Sierra "Black Thunder" of Cox and Farmer and the similarly V8 powered Honda Legend of Nicholls & Woolf at the fast and bumpy Castle Combe circuit. The third placed "Vauxhall Senator" is a re-badged 5 litre Holden Commodore VK which had been raced at Bathurst by Peter Brock. A much missed class of racing in Britain. Check out our website for rare and out of print motor sport books, dvds, prints, posters, programmes and other collectables.We've been supplying enthusiasts around the globe since 1985.

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