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Videa Opel The new Opel Cascada

The new Opel Cascada

Back to the most intense automotive experiences: cruising along with the sun softly warming your skin; feeling the air thickening in your open hand as speed increases; tipping back your head and finding no limit to your view, just diving into the deep blue sky. These are typical Cascada moments. The Cascada, Opel's new all-season convertible due to be launched in early 2013, is a classy four-seater with an elongated silhouette and a high-quality soft top. Heading to the top of Opel's line-up, the Cascada is a midsize convertible not only by its size (length: 4697 mm; width 1840 mm excl. mirrors) but also by its allure and the premium technologies and features it offers. For the official press release have a look at



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