Video - Test it! The Opel Ampera | Drive it!

Videa Opel Ampera Test it! The Opel Ampera | Drive it!

Test it! The Opel Ampera | Drive it!

The Opel Ampera has already won its fair share of accolades, including "2012 Car of the Year" in Germany and "World Green Car of the Year 2011". The unique combination of electric power and conventional combustion engine for maximum range is shared by the Opel Ampera and its GM sister model, the Chevrolet Volt. Depending on driving style and driving conditions, the car can cover an emission-free 40 to 80 kilometers on pure battery power. But drivers do not have to have the usual anxieties about electromobility and fear being stranded because of an empty battery. Drive it! puts the Ampera through its paces.

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