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Syd Barrett - Opel

'Opel' is the title track from the 1988 compilation album of the same name, it consisted of unreleased and alternate versions of previously released songs, recorded by Syd Barrett between 1968 and 1970. This version of 'Opel' (Take 9) was recorded by Barrett on the 11th of April, 1969, and was produced by Malcolm Jones during the sessions for 'The Madcap Laughs'. 'Opel' is notable for it's haunting and open lyrics, and is said to be Barrett's most personal song. Since retiring from the music industry, Barrett lived a very normal life, living off his royalties from Pink Floyd releases and solo work. After years of demand from Barrett's considerable fan base to hear unreleased studio work, Opel was compiled and released. Despite its positive reviews, it failed to chart. The footage was ultilized from various sources, 'Syd Barrett: Acid Trip Film - 1965-66?', 'The Look Of The Week - BBC 1967', 'Arnold Layne: Promo 1 - Peter Whitehead 1967', 'Arnold Layne: Promo 2 - Unknown 1967', 'Tomorrow's World, Nov. '67', 'Jugband Blues Promo - 1967', 'The Scarecrow Promo - Pathe News 1967', 'Interstellar Overdrive Segment - ITN 1967', American Bandstand - ABC 1967, Syd Barrett: On the Beach Film -1967', 'Syd Barrett's Home Movie - 1970', and other images of unknown source. I do not own the copyright for the audio or vision. This is a fan edit done under the 'fair use' provision laws.

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