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Videa Opel Vivaro Sussex Campers Vauxhall Venturer Vivaro Camper

Sussex Campers Vauxhall Venturer Vivaro Camper

The new Sussex Campers campervan motorhome van Vauxhall Vivaro Venturer is our version of the classic side-kitchen layout camper van for sale. We are specialists in building great quality modern motorhome vans - panel van conversions - in our own workshops in Sussex. We convert brand new vehicles and late used secondhand vans too, giving our clients the choice. We offer a bespoke customisable service, and we delight to offer excellent personal customer service [so we are told...!] Contact us today and see where your new Sussex Camper Van could take you! We are an innovative, friendly, family firm, and delight to meet our customers' needs as effectively and completely as possible. We can customise and modify to suit your requirements for a quality campervan. We convert VW T5 camper campers campervans, and also other makes too, offering choice and value. Give us a call on 01403-336369 visit and come and visit us in Twineham - just off the A23/A272 junction! You'd be most welcome...

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