Video - Supercars in PORTO HELI(Greece)

Videa Opel Speedster Supercars in PORTO HELI(Greece)

Supercars in PORTO HELI(Greece)

Supercars in Porto Heli(GREECE)! 1.Bentley Continental 2.BMW M3 E46(in the same foto with Bentley) 3.BMW M6 4.Corvette Z06 5.Ford Focus RS 6.Ferrari F430 7.Porsche 911Carrera 4S Cabriolet 8.Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 9.Porsche Panamera S 10.Opel Speedster In this video I have only 10 cars but i thing that it is a good number for a village with 2000 residents!!unfortunately I have seen a lot of supercars in Porto Heli but I havent take them photos.:( Here is a list with the cars that I have seen and i will upload their photos in a new more completed video -Ferrari 360 -Ferrari Testarossa -Ford Focus RS(another) -BMW M6 Convertible -Corvette Convertible -Lamborghini Gallardo -Ford Mustang GT -Ford Mustang Convertible -Nissan Skyline GT-R -Porsche 911 Carrera 4S(another) -2 Porsche Boxter S -3 Porsche Ceyman s -2 Maserati Granturismo -Mercedes-Benz SLK65 AMG -AUDI TTRS Roadster -AUDI S5 -BMW Z4 M -2 BMW M3 E92 RATE,SUBSCRIBE,COMMENT TELL ME FOR MISTAKES (I DONT KNOW VERY GOOD ENGLISH) THANKS 4 WATCHING...

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