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Videa Opel Movano Showreel - Artist Group Production

Showreel - Artist Group Production

Artists Group has been very busy over the past couple of months with a number of car productions that have made the most out of Portugal's wonderful locations. * BMW, Germany, shot by Oliver & Stefan. * Citroën, France, shot by Oliver & Stefan. * Opel Vauxhall Movano, Germany, shot by Jan Van Endert for Local Hero. * Honda Jazz Hybrid, UK, shot by Ed Lee for Esser Associates. * Toyota, Russia, directed by Denni Karlson for Park Production, Moscow. * BMW 650i Convertible, Germany, shot by Kai for Studio Gundlach. * Volvo, UK, shot by Anton Watts for Caspar & Co. Executive Producer: James Dubec. Production Managers: Marco Blackwell and Ricardo Almeida.

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