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Videa Opel Opel Speedster vs Lotus Exige.MP4

Opel Speedster vs Lotus Exige.MP4

Original Lotus Exige (192 Hp/185Nm) trying to shacke of a Speedster NA (157 Hp/ 260 Nm) on a short track. Second pass of the day. Both drivers loosend up later during the day Lotus: 195/225 Toyo R888 Opel: 205/225 Mischelin Pilot Sport 3 Very nice day to shacke of winter and prepare for racing and X track season. Camera Go pro HD in mode 2 (car use and upload friendly)

Toyo, R888, Mischelin, Pilot, sport, Opel, Speedster, VX220, GM, Ecotec, VS, Lotus, Exige, Toyota, 1.8, VVT, go, pro, test, racing, track, cross



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