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Videa Opel Rekord Opel Rekord E 2.2 Turbo

Opel Rekord E 2.2 Turbo

This is some footage of my friends Rekord. To be noticed first there is no limited slip differential on this car, pure stock "open" diff. Stock suspension from -86, nothing replaced, just chopped springs to get it lower. In the first "outside" clips the engine is a standard 2.2E with a t3 turbo on a adapter manifold. 0.7 bar of boost. In the later "onboard" is a new engine with 2.2 crank , 2.4 rods and 2.4 pistons. Same turbo and manifold. Standard LE-jetronic with extra injectors triggerd by pressure switches. 1.2 bar of boost and is running on E85. Next season the fuel injection is going to be replaced with a VEMS- stand-alone system. Probably a more modern mitsubishi 15T turbo with a "real" manifold is also going to be in place.

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