Video - Opel Insignia OPC Acc. & V6 Sound

Videa Opel Insignia Opel Insignia OPC Acc. & V6 Sound

Opel Insignia OPC Acc. & V6 Sound

The high powered saloon from Rüsselsheim getting a quick workout Remeber, this is not a drag race or speed test....It's just a couple of accelerations in the car to show it's character and power. The car is the second edition which means Auto gearbox with paddles and no limited top speed.......not that we get anywhere near The engine-soundtrack of the video is best heard thru' headphones Car Spec: *Front Engine. *4-Wheel Drive. *V6 Power Plant *2792cc Turbo. *325 PS. *435 NM (321 lb-ft). * 0-100km/h in 6,3 seconds. (not tested) * Top Speed 268km/h (167mph). * Emissions 249g/km.

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