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The modern definition of an athletic two-seater finds its form in the new Opel GT. As a classic roadster, it has a powerful front-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, a cockpit with sporty instruments and a tailor-made fabric roof. With a wide stance, sleek silhouette, long, front-hinged hood and short overhangs, the proportions are typical of this class. The Opel GT also brings new charm to this genre with its own unmistakable personality thanks to its exciting shape, which contrasts sharp edges with curved surfaces to create a dynamic look, and its configuration, which enables a refined driving experience, even on long journeys. The GT's pricing is also attractive. For 30675 euros (recommended retail price in Germany incl. VAT), customers get no less than 264 hp from the high-tech turbo engine with gasoline direct injection. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes less than six seconds. The new two-seater carries its legendary name because it continues the tradition of the first Opel GT (1968 - 1973) and, like the original, competes in one of the most exciting vehicle classes. The new Opel GT also showcases the brand's passion for dynamic cars, and the conviction that "Opel was never as young as today". This is underlined by niche models with a high fun factor, such as the Astra GTC with panorama windshield, the Tigra TwinTop and Astra TwinTop cabrio-coupés, as well as the high-performance OPC family. They enrich the model portfolio and emotionalize the brand.

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