Video - Opel Event - INFUSE - DJ Jason Knight

Videa Opel Arena Opel Event - INFUSE - DJ Jason Knight

Opel Event - INFUSE - DJ Jason Knight

Jason Knight: Info from Opel We all know parties are a dime a dozen in this town with so many fun options. There are few parties like this that we're prepared to give to you. 22 dj's over 10 hours in 4 areas that have been transformed for your dancing and chilling pleasure. The best local faire in breaks, house, electro, progressive, techno, trance, and chill. Double headline action with Uberzone tagging w/ the Bassbin Twins. Free breakfast, belly dance, a truly opulent chill area with mats, furs, pillows, etc., a sunrise together, a community gathering of the good, the funky and the beautiful. We don't want you to miss this rare gem of a gathering. Jason Knight:

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