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Opel Astra GTC Paris Concept

World Premiere: The Opel GTC Paris: A Concept Car Showcasing Passionate Motion Paris/Rüsselsheim. The GTC Paris concept car embodies the passionate side of Opel: Its role is to show how Opel can "dial up" the brand's now established design direction by creating a very sporty and emotional interpretation. The GTC Paris is designed to be artistically sculpted using sweeping dynamic lines. At the same time, it is engineered with German precision and energized with technical innovation, like a 2.0 liter Turbo gasoline engine with direct injection, a new execution of the fully adaptive FlexRide suspension and an limited slip differential in the front. This three-door sporty hatch is pure but sporty, simple but expressive and at the same time bold and iconic. Keeping in line with Opel's DNA, it is an achievable dream car, conceived to showcase an energized brand. This energy is also conveyed by the vibrant and expressive Liquid Metal Red exterior color. Coming close on the heels of the new generation Astra Sports Tourer which will also debut at the Paris motor show, the GTC Paris is how Opel envisions the next logical step of a newly shaped line-up.

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