Video - Opel Ascona A, 2,4 L, Weber 55

Videa Opel Ascona Opel Ascona A, 2,4 L, Weber 55

Opel Ascona A, 2,4 L, Weber 55

Found a video of an old Opel I used to have. Made this when selling the car, sort of as a pro-mo. The car had the looks of something a 16-year old gearhead would put together; dark, tinted windows, crappy paintjob, and the interior was even worse. Also, it basically had no suspension, due to stupendously short springs. And the brakes were crap too! But here's the fun part: the 2,4 litre rally motor. Had twin side draft Weber 55's, a modified cylinder head with 45-40 valves, Enem P2 camshaft, MSD ignition etc, etc. Something like 230 HP, linked to a fivespeed Getrag gearbox and a diff brake rear axle. Lots of fun, especially when meeting the occasional city slicker with a brand new sportscar. Oh, and my friend Linda, whom held the camera, was pretty funny too.

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