Video - !NEW! Opel Corsa C - Complete History (Full HD)

Videa Opel Corsa !NEW! Opel Corsa C - Complete History (Full HD)

!NEW! Opel Corsa C - Complete History (Full HD)

Check more info on my NEW BLOG: The completely newly developed Opel Corsa C was launched in 2000 with a broader track and increased wheelbase, which not only gave it a firmer stance on the road, but also increased luggage compartment capacity and legroom. Opel Corsa C was one of the safest cars in its class, with two front and side airbags, three point seat belts in all five seats and Opel's patented Pedal Release System (PRS) as standard. A more aerodynamic body and the use of lightweight materials resulted in class leading driving performance and low fuel consumption.



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