Video - New Opel Astra J GTC - Sharp Looks, Sharp Drive (Full HD)

Videa Opel New Opel Astra J GTC - Sharp Looks, Sharp Drive (Full HD)

New Opel Astra J GTC - Sharp Looks, Sharp Drive (Full HD)

The new Opel Astra GTC mechatronic chassis features an exclusive, high-tech front suspension architecture, similar to the one of the Opel Insignia OPC, that improves handling performance and provides the sharper steering demanding drivers expect in a sporty looking car. Compared to the five door Astra, the ride height of the GTC is lowered by 15 mm while the basic dimensions of the chassis slightly increase. Due to extended control arms in the rear, the wheelbase grows by 10 mm, from 2685 to 2695 mm. Both tracks are wider, at 1584 mm (+ 40 mm) in front and 1588 mm (+ 30 mm) in the rear. This allows for the accommodation of sporty wheels with enhanced tire diameter, which improve both stability, road stance and visual impact. The major change, however, is not visible to the naked eye. All Astra GTC versions, regardless of the powertrain and trim level, are fitted with an extra feature, normally only available in high-end sports cars: front suspension with High Performance Strut (HiPerStrut). Compared to the standard McPherson suspension from the Astra, HiPerStrut has reduced kingpin inclination and offset and a shorter spindle length. This improves wheel guidance and grip, reduces torque steering reactions and increases cornering power, offering Astra GTC drivers the sporty, crisp feel they expect, with enhanced precision and feedback. In addition, HiPerStut reduces tire flops, which allows the car to accommodate larger-diameter wheels. This up-level layout that glues the ...

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