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Videa Opel New Opel Astra J GTC - Animation

New Opel Astra J GTC - Animation

These first animation of the new generation Opel Astra GTC may show it in a virtual landscape, but as it races down an imaginary road, real test cars are now running final validation drives: The Astra GTC is officially a production reality. And on 7 June -- in just six weeks' time -- Opel will reveal full details about the Astra GTC to coincide with its order books opening. Pricing, technology, equipment and powertrains will be laid bare, giving customers the chance to specify their ideal model and place an order early. The first production version of the new Opel Astra GTC will then receive its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, on 15 September, 2011. Based on last year's Opel GTC Paris concept car presented early October 2010 at the Mondial de l'Automobile, the production Astra GTC will be a 5 seater, 3 door sporty compact car with dramatic proportions. It will feature the very best of Opel's latest technology, as well as unique chassis features.

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