Video - New Opel Ampera 2011 -Teaser

Videa Opel Ampera New Opel Ampera 2011 -Teaser

New Opel Ampera 2011 -Teaser

Opel Ampera has already been chosen as the winner of numerous awards by media and the public. The revolutionary technical concept convinced the readers of Auto Zeitung, who awarded it the "Auto Trophy 2010" in the electric vehicle category. The Ampera was named runner up for the "Green Steering Wheel 2010", a special category of the "Golden Steering Wheel", by readers and the jury of Bild and Bild am Sonntag. And the respected jury of Auto Test magazine awarded it the "e-car award 2010" in the category "Innovation/Technical Concept of the Year". Opel Ampera's user-friendliness had already won the "Green Technology Award" from the British magazine What Car? and the "Innovation Trophy" from L'Automobile Magazine in France in 2009.

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