Video - Lotus Omega 3.6 24V BiTurbo - Official Premiere

Videa Opel Omega Lotus Omega 3.6 24V BiTurbo - Official Premiere

Lotus Omega 3.6 24V BiTurbo - Official Premiere

Lotus Omega was first introduced at the 1989 Geneva Auto Show and was produced in limited numbers until 1994. About 1100 Omegas were built in the years between 1991 when it entered production and 1994. Unlike other Lotus models like the Esprit, the Omega was not a homegrown model but instead a modification of someone else's work, namely the Opel Omega 3000 GSi 24V (or the corresponding Vauxhall Carlton) -- the top of the line Omega. The original engine, a 3.0L DOHC 24V inline 6, was enlarged to 3.6L, and two Garrett T25 turbos were added, along with a water-cooled intercooler ("Chargecooler" in Lotus lingo). The original 5 speed manual gearbox was substituted by a ZF 6 speed item, straight from the now-extinct Corvette ZR-1, with the deletion of the "skip-shift" feature found in the ZR-1. It is the only one GM was able to find that can handle the Omega's massive torque.

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