Video - Driving my Opel vectra really fast

Videa Opel Vectra Driving my Opel vectra really fast

Driving my Opel vectra really fast

driving my Opel vectra 2,8 V6 turbo ENGINE: Brand new block and cylinder heads. The new peak was x-rayed before porting was started. This is in order to know how much you could port it. Thats. top is MAX ported! 2mm oversize Ferrea intake valves. 1mm oversize Ferrea exhaust valves. Double valve springs and retainers from Ferrea. HKS 272 chamber. NY block: Carillo Chromolly H-profile areas. When the engine is built to withstand 9500rpm is fitted longer than original prevails. The pistons are then slightly shorter than the original. This is done to reduce the piston speed. Pistons: CP Piston Custom spec with extra coarse bolt. Custom Steel assault on the wiz. ALT is balanced and linjehonet. ALL bolts are ARP bolts. HKS 1.6mm head gasket. Silent motor mounts. Boost Logic veivakseldemper. Alu pulleys. 100mm PWR aluminum radiator. 2pcs Flex Lite cooling fans Custom Built intake w / Cosworth maker. 80mm throttle body. HKS Type R intercooler. (This is an orignal HKS cooler! Ikkeno china shit!) HKS Racing BOV Type 2 dump valve. 3 pcs Supra fuel pumps. Bosch 1000cc nozzles. Fuel Pressure Regulator. Motor has passed 20.000km Turbo: Precision PT67 GTS (This will clear 1100hk) HKS manifold! (This is an original HKS manifold! Do not be confused with Chinese crap!) This costs nearly 20000, - probably. HKS Racing GT60mm wastegate. Custom Built Ferrita 4 "exhaust from turbo. Getrag V160 gearbox. RPS 3 disc carbon clutch! NYPRIS: probably ca. 30000, - TRD diff. TRD gearbox mounts. BM ...



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