Video - Driving in the Meriva

Videa Opel Meriva Driving in the Meriva

Driving in the Meriva

High Quality Vid: In this video, I'm cruising around in the Meriva! I know, I drove a lot in the middle of the road, because I was the only one there ^^ Some speeding at 1:55, for ratings ^^ At 2:11, I'm entering a zone with bad asphalt - the road was under construction. Therefore, the speed limit was reduced from 50 km/h to 30 km/h. At 2:22, you can hear me hitting the cruise control button. There also is a green light at the speed indicator, which signals that the cruise control is switched on. At 3:22, I exit the 'construction zone' and I accelerate (again, speeding). The 'trip' ends at the DIY store where I work, because the camera's memory card was full and the battery was low. After that, I coninue my 'journey' to the petrol station. ;) Enjoy... ;)

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