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Videa Opel Agila drive it!: The Motor Magazine

drive it!: The Motor Magazine

The new Audi Q5: The Q5 feels at home on paved surfaces and off-road. test it! The new Audi Q5 The Q5 feels at home on paved surfaces and off-road. The new performance SUV is has a high ground clearance of 20 centimeters and its advanced hill descent is a standard feature. Buyers can choose from a range of optional high-tech assistance programs, such as rear back-up camera and lane assist. Two diesel and one gasoline engine with 170 to 240 horsepower are available. In Germany the Q5 starts at € it! The Opel Agila vs. the Hyundai i10 Two compacts for under €10000. Both the Opel Agila and the Hyundai i10 that small doesnt necessarily mean less quality. In an era of high fuel prices, such cars have gained prestige. drive it! tests the 86-horsepower Agila and the i10 with 67 horsepower. Both are powered by gasoline and emit less CO2 than the planned European norm of 120 grams per kilometer. They both burn slightly more than five liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.examine it! Dyck Castle Classic Days No other vintage car meeting in Germany is more similar to the legendary Goodwood Revival Meeting than the Dyck Castle Classic Days near the western city of Neuss. Many of the participants come to see and be seen. They are invited to wear vintage clothing to the castle. Besides a car show, they can join a picnic in the park and take part in a road race.picture it! Liquid Petroleum Gas and the Luxury Car Alternative driving concepts are well on the way and not only ...

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