Video - Corsa Workshop Manual

Videa Opel Corsa Corsa Workshop Manual

Corsa Workshop Manual This a few clips of another 5 hour dvd showing how to service and repair your vauxhall/opel corsa. Like my other dvds its a detailed close up of all the jobs we cover bolt by bolt, showing their location and some tips for making certain jobs easier. I believe that anyone with a bit of common sense is capable of doing most jobs on their car and you dont need a massive toolkit to work on these cars ! I think I only used about 10 different size spanners on the whole dvd and we do a complete service like a normal garage would plus a complete detailed front suspension strip down, rear springs,shocks and rear brakes complete stripdown, clutch, gearbox, timing belt, fanbelts, glowplugs, bumpers, lights bulbs,mirrors and lots more

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