Video - Ascii - My Ascona SRe 3.0 V6

Videa Opel Ascona Ascii - My Ascona SRe 3.0 V6

Ascii - My Ascona SRe 3.0 V6

A 10 minute montage of the build of my favorite ever "daily driver" which I am taking off the road for winter (Nov 2009) to allow me to actually make a start on other projects. She will no doubt be back on the road again in 2010 somepoint! But this video will keep me smiling until then!

Opel, Ascona, SR/e, sri, MK2, Cavalier, mkii, Vauxhall, C20XE, 20XE, X30XE, valver, conversion, MK2CAV.COM, mk2cav



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