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All New Opel Mokka

All New Opel Mokka, Opel presents its Mokka sub-compact SUV for the first time at its world premiere at the 2012 International Geneva Motor Show. With the new dynamic sub compact Mokka sports utility vehicle, Opel is the first German manufacturer to launch a contender in the growing sub-compact SUV segment, entirely in line with this year's show motto "Driving into the Future". Despite its 4.28 meter measurement, the Opel Mokka generously accommodates five people in a commanding position. It also delivers on Opel's promise to combine attractive design with innovative technologies and upmarket functionalities, making them accessible to a wider segment of customers. "The Opel Mokka takes its strengths from traditional, larger SUVs and fits them into a modern compact format," says Opel CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke. "The Mokka extends Opel's vehicle line and continues the momentum we've built up over the last few years with our strong product offensive. It also energizes the new SUV B-segment that is predicted to grow considerably over the next years."



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