Video - 1973 Opel GT project start

Videa Opel GT 1973 Opel GT project start

1973 Opel GT project start

This is our 1973 Opel GT which we are beginning as a father and son. This video was uploaded in response to Jay Leno's video "What's in your garage". We have been members of the community for many years and although we mentioned a few of the names of contributors, there are so many on the forum that help out it is just impossible to mention everyone who has help me and Jon out along the way. We currently have two GTs, one in Texas (Video) and one in Minnesota. We've owned five GT's since 1985 and the first and the second were daily drivers, the last three where projects in waiting as due to military commitments. We didn't have opportunity to bring the projects to where we were stationed. So, I am now retired from active service and finally have a chance to spend some time on the project. Jon is a reservist and whenever we are together we work on one of the cars. Right now its the SATX project.



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