Video - 1960 Opel Rekord PI Olympia ORIGINAL 1.7L RUNNER DRIVER

Videa Opel Rekord 1960 Opel Rekord PI Olympia ORIGINAL 1.7L RUNNER DRIVER

1960 Opel Rekord PI Olympia ORIGINAL 1.7L RUNNER DRIVER

61K Original Miles on Original 1.7L 4 Cylinder Engine Car has been stored for quite some time, does run will need some minimal work to get it road worthy again, mainly brake work. Car has original wheels and hubcaps, custom rims and tires come with car as well This car would make a great street rod, and a nice small block or further customization for an even larger engine for those Ford and Chevy enthusiasts could be made to make a very fast, powerful sleeper car! The floors are very solid and do not need any work. This is one of the amazing things about the car. It does have rust on the fenders, but the important part - the floor - is solid! Click the video link below to see a nice slideshow of the pictures! This is also a good car to build for that Opel collector, as we all know these are in very short supply! Call Dana @ 608-332-3374 or visit for more information. Here's more info cited from The Opel Rekord PI (known in some guises as the Opel Olympia or Opel Olympa Rekord) had a slightly larger, more modern body with wraparound windscreen and rear screen and remained in production until 1960. A semi-automatic gearbox ("Olymat") became available for model year 1959, and a 1.7 L engine for model year 1960. 195859: 1488 cc, 45 hp (DIN). Available as two-door "Olympia" base model or more luxurious two-door "Olympia Rekord" and as three-door estate ("Caravan") and "delivery" van based on the saloon. Price in Germany: DM 5785 to ...

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